Past Teton County LDRs

1994 Teton County LDRs

1978 Teton County LDRs

The documents below contain the Teton County Comprehensive Plan and Implementation Program.

The Implementation Program includes ten resolutions: 

  • County Building Codes
  • County Scenic Preserve Resolution
  • Floodplain Management Regulations
  • Jackson Hole Airport Regulations
  • Land Use and Development Regulations (LUDRs)
  • Mobile Home Park Regulations
  • Small Wastewater Facility Regulations
  • Solar Access Regulations
  • Subdivision Regulations
  • Transportation Master Plan Regulations

Unavailable Editions

The following printing editions are not available:

  • 2nd Printing
  • 3rd Printing
  • 6th Printing
  • 9th Printing