Character District Development Phase 1

Phase 1 Tasks

  • Describe existing character
  • Determine districts suitable for a variety of housing types and services (Complete Neighborhoods)
  • Determine districts suitable as habitat, habitat connection and open space (Rural Areas)
  • Identify opportunities for preservation, neighborhood enhancement and implementing community policies

Citizen Input

If you cannot attend the workshops or have additional thoughts please complete any or all of the Complete Neighborhoods and Rural Area Worksheet (PDF) or suggest any changes to the preliminary district boundaries via email to the development team. Direct any questions to planning staff.

Phase I Joint Information Meeting (Town/County Elected Officials)

  • September 13, 2011 (2 p.m.): Character District Joint Information Meeting Number 1

Preliminary Character District Boundaries

County Core Map

County Core map

Outlying County Map

Outlying County map

Small District Zoom Map

Small District Zoom map

Framework Maps

Common Value (CV) 1 - Ecosystem Stewardship

CV1: County Core

CV1: County Core map

CV1: Outlying County

CV1: Outlying County map

CV1: Town Zoom

CV1: Town Zoom map

CV2 - Managed Growth

CV2: County Core

CV2: County Core map

CV2: Outlying County

CV2: Outlying County map

CV2: Town Zoom

CV2: Town Zoom map

CV3 - Community Character

CV3: County Core

CV3: County Core map

CV2: Outlying County

CV3: Outlying County map

CV3: Town Zoom

CV3: Town Zoom map