Engage 2017

Engage 2017 is a Town and County planning initiative to coordinate efforts to update workforce housing, natural resources, and parking policy as part of the larger implementation of the 2012 Comprehensive Plan. Each project has its own project webpage, but the public engagement and review process for all projects will be coordinated as depicted below. Please navigate to an individual project or learn more about the current phase of the 4 phase process on this overall initiative phase. Public engagement is imperative. These updates will define the future character of our community.


Phase 4 - Implement the Solution

Based on the the Final Direction provided by elected officials last fall, Staff drafted new regulations for the Housing Requirements, Town Zoning & Parking, and Housing Rules and Regulations projects. These regulations have now been adopted and are effective. Staff is still working on drafting new regulations for the Natural Resource Protections Update.  

What are the major changes that were adopted in Phase 4?

Housing Mitigation Requirements:

  • All types of development will be required to provide housing based on the number of year-round, full-time employees generated by the development who cannot afford to live in our community.

  • The amount of housing required will account for the ability of employees to afford market housing.

  • The mitigation requirement updates are paired with updates to zoning allowances and incentives to encourage the market to provide workforce housing in Town

Town Zoning & Parking:

  • The new regulations protect Stable Neighborhoods by not increasing density in these areas.

  • The new regulations will increase workforce housing opportunities by permitting more multi - family residential in Town near the “Y” and in the residential core of Town.

  • Workforce housing incentives will be incorporated in targeted zones (e.g, market housing bonus in exchange for deed restricted workforce housing).

  •  Development potential in peripheral neighborhoods with wildlife habitat value will decrease.

Housing Rules & Regulations:

  • New Weighted Drawing with Points and no Preferences

  • Verification of Employment at time of drawing entry

  • New Minimum Occupancy Standards for drawing eligibility

  • No categories-New Income Ranges

  • Online Intake Form-Complete & updated prior to start of drawing entry

Natural Resource Protections Regulations:

The Natural Resource Protection standards are currently on hold.

Final Direction Documents