LDR Biennial Update

Project Summary: The proposed amendments are intended to make clarification and correctional edits based on existing typos, errors, and current interpretation of the LDRs by County Staff. The changes are broken into three categories: Corrections & Typos, Clarifications, and Process Updates. The following 14 of the 48 changes are the most significant (please see the Staff Report and Guide for more information):

  • Change #23 - Revisions to the Wild Animal Feeding regulations and to the Bear regulations.
  • Change #25 - Clarification on the 3-employee limit on home businesses.
  • Change #26 - Process change, requiring ARUs that are over 2,500 sf, and created through the Floor Area Option, to pay housing mitigation fees.
  • Change #38 - Clarifying that ARUs contribute to the Physical Development Threshold, because they are defined as "Dwelling Units".
  • Change #39 - Codifying a Director's Interpretation that "essential crossings" means that an essential utility may enter into waterbody setbacks when no other location is possible.
  • Change #40 - Removal of the BUP submittal requirement for ARUs that are secondary to a residential use.
  • Change #41 - Addition of flexibility for the Planning Director to lessen parking requirements.
  • Change #42 - Codifying that in-lieu fees shall be paid prior to the issuance of a Building Permit, instead of Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Change #43 - Creation of an exemption to the 30-day temporary storage limitation for structures on the list of Historically Significant Properties, for 180 days.
  • Change #44 - Codification of a rule for Letters of Authorization to be notarized.
  • Change #45 - Codification that Surety Bonds are not guaranteed, and must be accepted by the Planning Director.
  • Change #46 - Codification that public hearings for county-wide LDR text amendments will not be notified via mail.
  • Change #47 - Create flexibility for Staff on where within the local newspaper the public notice posting is located.
  • Change #48 - Codification of current Staff practice, of expecting basic infrastructure information to be included in conceptual Sketch Plan submittals.

The redline of the proposed amendments can be found here (PDF).

The "Guide" for the proposed changes can be found here (PDF).

The final approved redline of the amendments can be found here (PDF).

This request will go before the Teton County Planning Commission on November 14, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. and the Board of County Commissioners on January 3, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

For more information or to receive email updates on this project, please contact Associate Long-Range Planner Erin Monroe at emonroe@tetoncountywy.gov. 

  1. News & Highlights

January 3, 2023: Board of County Commissioners Recommends Approval

At the January 3, 2023 BCC hearing, the proposed amendment was approved, with the removal of Proposed Change #38.

The final approved drafted redline based on the BCC hearing can be found here (PDF).

November 14, 2022: Planning Commission Recommends Approval

At the November 14, 2022 PC hearing, the proposed amendment was recommended for approval, with a few modifications. The proposed modifications are reflected in the Planning Commission minutes, and will also be highlighted in the Staff Report for the Board of County Commissioners hearing. The amendment is scheduled to be heard by the Board of County Commissioners on January 3, 2023.

October 12, 2022: Draft LDR Amendments Available for Public Review

County Planning Staff has produced draft LDR text amendments (PDF) that illustrate the revisions being proposed. For ease of use, only the pages with edits are included in this draft. These proposed changes are scheduled to be presented to the Teton County Planning Commission on November 14, 2022.