Historic Preservation & Town Square Zoning

What Are We Doing? 

The Town of Jackson is rezoning the Town Square Character District to implement the desired future character of the Comprehensive Plan. Design requirements may be considered to protect the western character of this iconic district. The Town and County seek to expand the scope of this community conversation to explore how we define western character and what tools can be implemented to promote historic preservation community-wide.  

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  1. News & Highlights
  2. Status

> UPCOMING: Planning Commission & Town Council Hearing Dates

As of this writing, the below dates are the anticipated dates for public review. However, these dates are subject to change so please check with the Planning Department.

  • Planning Commission: September 2 (5:30pm)
  • Town Council Workshop: October 19 (1-3pm)

> August 14, 2020: Drafts Released for Review & Virtual Public Workshop Open!

The Town has just released draft amendments to the Town’s Land Development Regulations (LDRs) and Design Guidelines. This is the final step before presenting the proposed changes to the Town Council for final approval. The proposed drafts include the following items (linked at the bottom of this post):

  • New Land Development Regulations (LDRs) to establish a historic preservation program
  • New Design Guidelines to protect historic properties
  • New Design Guidelines for a “Western Character” overlay in the Town Square area
  • Updated zone district standards (LDRs) for the Town Square area

How can I review the proposed documents and provide comment?

Take Survey & Participate in the Virtual Public Workshop

The best way to review the materials and comment is to take the survey in our Virtual Public Workshop. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Town is offering an online virtual public workshop instead of an in-person workshop. Click here to take the survey and view the Virtual Public Workshop materials.

The Virtual Public Workshop consists of

  1. An introductory video (approx. 20 minutes) that provides an overview of the update process and summary of some of the major changes.
  2. Three targeted videos (approx. 15 minutes each) that summarize the proposed changes for each major topic (e.g., historic preservation);
  3. Links to the associated proposed draft document(s); and
  4. Survey questions for the public to provide feedback.

You can take the survey for all three topics or choose only the topics that interest you most. 

Watch the Informational Videos

If you do not want to take the survey but want to see the videos, you can view them below:

Introduction: Jackson Historic Preservation LDR Update

Part 1: Proposed Historic Preservation Program

Part 2: Proposed Western Character and Town Center Design Guidelines Overview

Part 3: Update to the Zoning Regulations for Town Square Area

Read the Draft LDRs & Design Guidelines

In addition, the draft proposed documents can be viewed here:

Public comments can also be provided anytime via email to tstolte@jacksonwy.gov

> Nov. 19, 2020: Town Square Zoning / Historic Preservation Open House

An open house for Town Square Zoning / Historic Preservation standards will be held on Tuesday, November 19th from 6 – 8 pm at the Lodge at Jackson Hole Conference Center (Cheyenne Room), 920 West Broadway.

Please come to provide your comments on the recently released Strategy Report that contains recommendations for defining and protecting our “Western Character” in the Town Square area and incentives and other tools to protect historic resources throughout Town. Consultant Winter & Company will present the findings of the Strategy Report and be available to answer questions.

Also, the Town Council will have a workshop on the Strategy Report on Wednesday, November 20th, from 2 – 3:30pm at the Town Council Chambers.

> November 7, 2019: Strategy Paper Released!

In sum, this report addresses three community planning questions:

1. What should be the role of historic preservation in the community?

2. How shall the development regulations be updated for the Town Square and Urban Commercial zones?

3. How should the concept of Western Character be interpreted and applied when considering new building designs in the downtown?

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> July 2019:New Online Survey Released!

Sharing your thoughts on this project is now even easier. Tell us how you feel about the future of historic preservation in our community. Help us develop zoning and design standards for the Town Square. 

This survey:

  • Will be open through August 14, 2019
  • Takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, but may take longer if you provide optional written comment
  • Can be started, paused, and returned to if you don't have time to do it all at once
  • Can be taken on a mobile device
  • Can be shared with friends, family and colleagues so they can take it too!

Take the survey here!