How should rental be handled for ownership units?

Status Quo

Generally prohibited.


9.A. The status quo.

9.B. Includes 9.A, except allow for the rental of units that are in the active process of being sold by the owner, particularly in situations where the homeowner has an urgent need to move.

9.C. Includes 9.A, except allow owners to rent rooms to individuals who are employed in Teton County as long as the total household income does not exceed the income limit for the Category of home, the number of individuals living in the home does not exceed Town or County occupancy requirements, and the owner of the home still occupies the unit.

9.D. B plus C.


Consensus on this issue was not reached between the Council and the Commissioners. The Town Council and County Commissioners voted on an alternative that was not presented by staff.

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9. How should rental be handled for ownership units?
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