What kind of assets should be allowed and / or counted, and how much is the limit?

Status Quo

Affordable / Attainable: Assets limits are based on income category and include cash, investments, vested life insurance policies, vehicle equity, and real estate, but do not include qualified retirement accounts. Ownership of improved residential property within 150 miles of Teton County is prohibited.

Employment-Based: No asset limit, but ownership of real estate within 150 miles of Teton County prohibited.


2.A. The status quo.

2.B. Includes 2.A plus remove the non-liquid business assets from the asset calculation.

2.C. Includes 2.A plus mobile homes should be included as part of the residential properties.

2.D. Includes 2.A, except allow households to qualify for affordable units and own residential property anywhere including Teton County, contingent upon verification that the asset limit is not exceeded.

2.E. Includes 2.A, except change the current asset cap of two-times a four-person household income for the income category to an amount that is based on comparable community asset caps.

2.F Includes 2.A, except allow for increases in net asset caps to allow for increases in retirement savings for households with retirees.

2.G. Some combination of B, C, D, E, and F.


Allowed assets are anything of value more than $500, funds in retirement accounts are not included, residential property must be sold, and the asset limit is twice the income limit for a four-person household. Only liquid business assets are counted. Employment-based units have no asset limit and may never own residential real estate within 150 miles of Teton County. Mobile homes are considered the same as residential property (Alternative 2.B and C).

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