Subarea 12.2 - 390 Residential Rezone

Project Summary: Update the zoning in Subarea 12.2 - 390 Residential to align with the desired future character for the area as described in the Comprehensive Plan. This project will create new County zones that preserve and enhance the character of the Subarea. Rezoning District 12 Aspens/Pines will be split into two separate tasks: Subarea 12.2 390 Residential to take place in the fall/winter of 2020, then the updates to the Aspens and Teton Pines Master Plans will follow at a later time. 

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> August 12, 2020: Neighborhood Meeting initiating Rezone Project

Planning Staff Presentation:

Meeting Video:

> July 21, 2020: Board of County Commissioners approve FY21 Work Plan directing staff to rezone Subarea 12.2 - 390 Residential

FY21 Work Plan task