Policy Direction

The Jackson / Teton County community has a joint Comprehensive Plan and jointly plans much of its land use, transportation, and housing policy. Each year the community prioritizes the policy and regulation updates it will pursue. The community’s current priority is to complete the following five projects by July 2018.

Housing Land Development Regulations (LDR) Requirements Update

The purpose of this project is to update the community’s requirements that new development provide affordable housing to mitigate the need for such housing generated by the development. The policy basis for these regulations needs to be updated to reflect the Comprehensive Plan and 2015 Housing Action Plan; as does the data justifying the requirements.

Housing Rules & Regulations Update

The purpose of this project is to update the rules and regulations that govern the design, occupancy, and transfer of deed restricted housing units managed by the Jackson / Teton County Housing Department.

Natural Resource Protection Regulations Update

The purpose of this project is to update the environmental assessment process and regulations for protection of wildlife habitat and other natural resources in the community.

Town Parking Study

The purpose of this project is to evaluate parking alternatives (outside the Downtown) that enable the desired intensity of land use and transit described in the Comprehensive Plan and 2015 Integrated Transportation Plan.

Update Town Zoning

The purpose of this project is to update zoning (outside the Downtown) in the residential and highway-commercial areas of Town to reflect the desired future character described in the 2012 Comprehensive Plan.

Attributes Crucial to Project Success

While many communities update their land development regulations through a single, large effort following adoption of a new comprehensive plan, Jackson and Teton County have had no success with such an approach. Instead, the Jackson and Teton County Land Development Regulations are being updated through a series of topic specific projects. This approach has successfully allowed for topic specific content expertise. However, the community has struggled to maintain quality public engagement and continuity of processes while working on parallel projects. As a result of past projects, the community has identified the following attributes as crucial to a successful process:

  • Adoption hearings are the culmination of the process that build on earlier phases
  • Decision maker and stakeholder engagement from beginning to end
  • No delays between phases that require resetting the process
  • Shared commitment among decision makers and stakeholders regarding the desired outcomes
  • Shared commitment among decision makers and stakeholders to the process

Therefore, the Town and County have determined that the way to complete the five priority projects listed above by July 2018 is to coordinate public engagement with a focus on achieving the above attributes of success for each project.